Building Trust Around the World

Engaging with Our Communities

We encourage everyone to engage in our communities. Political processes and charitable work are both great ways to support our communities.

However, political and charitable activity must be done on our own time. Such activities can never involve or appear to involve Flex assets. We best engage with our communities when we:

  • Never pressure anyone to be involved in our particular political activities
  • Never pressure anyone to participate in any charitable activities, including those organized by Flex
  • Obtain approval before making charitable or political contributions, or engaging in lobbying activities, on behalf of Flex
  • Obtain prior approval before using Flex resources (including company time) for political contributions of any kind

Political contributions

“Political contributions” are given to a political organization, candidate or public official. Such contributions include the following:

  • Direct and indirect payments
  • Payment of expenses
  • Loans, advances, deposits and gifts of money
  • Gifts of any service
  • Subscriptions, memberships and tickets
  • The purchase of advertising space
  • Compensation of political employees
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