Building Trust Around the World

Building Trust and Accountability in Our Supply Chain

We select and work with suppliers based on merit. As a trusted global company, we also expect our suppliers and other business partners to share our high ethical standards.

We purchase and use materials only from appropriate and properly authorized sources. Acquiring business in the short term, if it is done unethically, is not worth damage to our reputation over the long term.

To ensure trust and accountability in our supply chain, we must:

  • Use a competitive, fair and transparent bidding process with all potential suppliers and business partners
  • Follow all Flex global sourcing policies and appropriate site policies when procuring business
  • Never accept kickbacks or other kinds of payments in return for considering a supplier
  • Report immediately any concerns about our suppliers and business partners, whether related to the bidding process or violations of laws or policies
  • Utilize both supplier self-audits and Flex employee audits with a publicly available supplier code of conduct within our supply chain to ensure compliance with security, contractual, environmental and human rights obligations and policies
  • Conduct due diligence on all third parties who interact with a government on behalf of Flex to ensure full compliance with laws, regulations and contractual terms

The Responsible Business Alliance

Flex is also a founding and proactive member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). As such, we require suppliers to conform to the RBA Code of Conduct, including in supply chain security practices.

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