Building Trust With Each Other

Asking Questions and Raising Concerns

Our Code cannot describe every possible situation that might arise. If the answer is not in our Code, or if you are unsure about anything in our Code, you must ask questions. We are all responsible for finding answers.

Depending on the type of question that arises, we can contact:

Flex recognizes the importance of speaking up and encourages it at every turn. Voicing concerns or identifying areas for improvement does more than address a single issue; it can lead to positive organizational changes and a better work environment. Speaking up helps Flex improve.

If you suspect a violation of our Code, our policies or any applicable law or regulation, you are responsible for reporting it. The same protections of confidentiality and, where permitted, anonymity, are provided through every method of reporting. Any potential violation may be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Translation services are available.

Flex’s Ethics and Compliance Team reviews all reports that are made regarding potential violations of our Code, our policies or applicable laws. Flex may conduct investigations of reports and, where appropriate, enforce discipline up to and including termination for violations of our Code or our policies.

Anyone with a concern, including every member of the Flex team and business affiliates, may:

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