Living and Working by Our Code

Flex’s lasting success depends on all of us committing to live and work by this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Living and working by the Code means:

  • We comply with applicable law and always keep our policies and values in mind.

  • We all expect to work in a culture of compliance.

  • We foster an environment where asking questions is encouraged and we challenge others to live and work by the Code.

  • We speak up when we have concerns and ask questions when needed.

  • We do not retaliate or tolerate retaliation from others.

  • We cooperate fully with investigations and inquiries. During investigations, we are truthful and do not conceal or destroy information.

As leaders, managers have a special role to play. Managers are the first line of reporting. Any concerns about violations of our Code or the law are also managers’ concerns. To best play their role, managers must:

  • Keep an open door so employees feel comfortable reporting concerns
  • Escalate concerns properly and in a timely manner
  • Lead by example in following our Code

Through our Open Door Policy, employees will often come to managers with their concerns or managers may see misconduct directly. Below is a quick reference guide for the kinds of matters that should be immediately reported to the Ethics and Compliance Team, either through the reporting tool or to This is intended as a reference tool and not an all-inclusive list, so if you have any doubt about whether to escalate an issue to the Ethics and Compliance Team, you should err on the side of raising the issue.

It’s everyone’s job to live and work by the Code. Our Code applies to all those working for Flex and its subsidiaries or those conducting business on Flex’s behalf, whether as employees, agency workers, officers, board members or business affiliates. Flex’s business affiliates include temporary personnel, vendors, suppliers, contractors, consultants, representatives and agents of Flex.

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