A Note from Our CEO


At Flex, we lead with our core values and Ways of Working by supporting each other as we strive to find a better way, moving fast with discipline and purpose, and doing the right thing always. Our business success over the past half century is due in no small part to this commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency among our Flex employees and with all our customers and stakeholders. Trust can be lost quickly with an unethical decision.

For example, the golden rule is to ask yourself, “Would I be proud of the decision that I am about to make or action if it were disclosed publicly to my colleagues or to my family members?” If no, then you should reconsider the decision and do the right thing.

Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics (“our Code”) is a tool that helps us sustain high standards. I ask all of you to take the time to review it in detail, become familiar with the contents, and adhere to its requirements. Our Code applies to all of us, and the expectations and risks described here warrants everyone’s attention.

Our Code cannot cover everything, and you might find that you have questions or concerns that are not fully addressed here. In such cases you should speak up and ask questions. All of us also have the responsibility to speak up when we become aware of any conduct that might violate the law, regulations or our Code. Those who speak up or assist with investigations will be supported, and any retaliation against those who speak up will not be tolerated.

Flex is an extraordinary organization that I am proud to be a part of. Our values and our Code form the foundation for us to achieve our vision to be the most trusted global technology, supply chain and manufacturing solutions partner to improve the world. Our people are accomplished, thoughtful and committed. I know that you all will take the time to consider this important information and be vigilant in helping Flex remain an ethical and compliant organization.

Kind Regards,Revathi Advaithi
Chief Executive Officer

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