Building Trust Around the World

Maintaining Accurate Books and Records

In the course of a decades-long history, Flex has built trust with our customers, business affiliates, shareholders, the public and regulators. To keep this trust, we are required to create and maintain honest, accurate books and records.

We each are responsible for the honesty and accuracy of the records that we handle in the course of business.

To maintain accurate records we must:

  • Authorize, execute and record all financial transactions, no matter how small, in accordance with Flex policy
  • Never falsify, omit, alter, conceal or otherwise misrepresent any information in Flex records
  • Report immediately any inaccuracies or violations of Flex’s internal controls to one of the resources listed here, including the anonymous third-party hotline or reporting website
  • Never keep undisclosed or unrecorded corporate funds for any purpose
  • Conduct all financial transactions with full transparency—this means transacting only with authorized parties and abiding by all applicable anti-money laundering laws

Travel and Entertainment Policy

Because Flex is a global company, employees often travel for business. We are all expected to follow the Travel and Entertainment Policy while traveling. This means keeping accurate records and only submitting for reimbursement those receipts that are directly related to business travel and are appropriate for reimbursement.

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