Building Trust Around the World

Winning the Right Way

Through responsible ingenuity, we transform ideas into products that change people’s lives.

We win in the marketplace by pursuing our mission and staying in line with our values. We must never engage in unfair business practices, such as price fixing or output restrictions. A fair marketplace is a healthy marketplace. We must always deal fairly with customers, suppliers and competitors.

To win the right way, we need to:

  • Ensure our promotional, sales and marketing materials contain truthful statements
  • Never abuse privileged information or misrepresent material facts
  • Collect business intelligence in a manner that is lawful and ethical
  • Follow all antitrust and competition laws, wherever we do business
  • Never cooperate with competitors to fix prices, segment markets or otherwise undermine fair competition
  • Always obtain consent from the Legal Department before participating in trade associations, benchmarking or other similar activities
  • Never discuss the following business topics with outside parties without consent from the Legal Department:
    • Pricing or pricing policy, terms of sale, costs, marketing or strategic plans, levels of production
    • Potential mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures or other partnerships
    • Allocations of customers, products, services, sales, supplies or territories
    • Exclusive dealing arrangements
    • Restrictions on, or tying arrangements with, suppliers or customers
    • Specific terms of an agreement with a supplier or customer
    • Any other proprietary or confidential information
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